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After School Learning Groups

We are excited to share that we have recently piloted after-school learning groups in partnership with So What Else, a DC-based organization that provides emergency food support and free out-of-school time programming for children in the DC-area.

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About the Learning Groups

The After School Learning Groups – centered on Coping with Stress – are led by TRUE’s Executive Director, Renee DeBoard-Lucas, and clinical psychology graduate student, Margaret Webb. The curriculum is trauma-informed and designed to help children learn healthy and effective ways to cope with stress. Topics include psychoeducation about trauma, relaxation skills, coping with stressful thoughts, and problem solving strategies.

We have loved working with these children, and the groups have been a big hit at the So What Else after school program in Southeast DC.

About So What Else

So What Else is a nonprofit organization that ensures children have access to food and meaningful opportunities to learn and grow outside of the school day. The organization runs several free after-school programs in DC, Montgomery County, and the Baltimore area. Their programs are curriculum-based and include a variety of activities such as sports & athletics, health & wellness, healthy cooking, expressive arts, literacy & writing, and environmental stewardship. Every program is interwoven with service learning, with an emphasis on empowering students to become engaged citizens who give back to their communities.

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Here is some feedback we have received from staff: 

“The kids like the activities and

ask when you’re coming back!” 


“[The group] helps them open up."


"The kids have been more engaged

[with the groups] than any other activities

we’ve seen!"

‘I’ve [staff person] been using the

feelings faces sheet every day.

It helps me ask ‘Who are you today?"

See the groups in action ...

Interested in partnering with us?

Are you a community leader or community member who may be interested in partnering with TRUE Center to offer these or similar groups to children in the DC area? If you are interested in learning more please contact our Executive Director, Renee DeBoard-Lucas, Ph.D. at

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