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Our vision is to build a world where traumatic life experiences are understood, treated, and prevented, and in which all families have equal access to effective and compassionate trauma-informed care.


Increase access to trauma-focused, evidence-based care and prevention services for D.C.-area children and families.

Our approach includes culturally competent mental health services, training and support for child-serving systems, and promoting public understanding of trauma and prevention.






We value and respect diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to gender, race, sexual orientation and identity, culture, and ability.

Our Story

TRUE Center was founded to increase equitable access to trauma-based training, intervention, and prevention services for children, families, community members, and professionals—regardless of ability to pay. While almost half of DC children have experienced trauma, most children who need mental health support after trauma don’t receive it – a gap that is even more pronounced for children of color. High costs, long waitlists, limited hours, and long distances to effective treatment resources make recovering from trauma inaccessible to all but a privileged few. Many caregivers and community members are so overworked and under-resourced that they can’t respond effectively to every child that needs their help. All of this means that DC area children and families are more vulnerable to experiences of trauma, and those who most need support don't have access to it. 

TRUE stands for Trauma Resilience Understanding and Education. Resilience, understanding, and education are all part of effective and compassionate care for children and families who have been through trauma. Our patients tell their truth in treatment. Our team wanted our name to not only reflect the services we provide but also our standards and commitment to provide every child equal access to treatment and prevention services that work.



Our  Board

The Board of Directors is the highest leadership body of the TRUE Center. In satisfying our fiduciary duties we perform many functions including but not limited to the following. We conduct strategic and organizational planning, select and evaluate the chief executive, ensure strong oversight of finances, approve and monitor the TRUE Center’s programs and services, conduct fundraising and continue to build partnerships within the community. We are currently recruiting new Board members and would love to hear from you if you are interested. Our current Board includes the following members:

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Board Vice-Chair


Board Treasurer


Board Member

Key Officers & Staff


Director, Board Secretary


Director of Volunteers

Founder's Circle

The Founder's Circle includes those individuals who began True Center but who are no longer active on the Board of Directors.


TRUE Center relies on our partners and supporters help us reach even more children and families. Our team is boosted by our generous:


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