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Brian Gardner

Board Vice Chair, TRUE Center 

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Mr. Brian Gardner has worked in the non-profit sector for over two decades. His focus is in higher education, information technology, and leadership, but has worked with and supported a variety of non-profit groups throughout the northeast. He holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in Technology Management and has various publication credits. Mr. Gardner strongly believes that actively fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment is critical to any modern organization; many different voices make a beautiful chorus.


Mr. Gardner’s strengths are in creative problem solving, strategic leadership, non-profit financial management, service improvement, project management, and effective communication. He currently serves as the Chief Information Officer for Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA. As a college of the community, wholly dedicated to positive student impact, NCC strives to foster student success on an empowered educational journey, from wherever they might be starting. Mr. Gardner is also active with his kid’s Cub Scout pack, school district, and other community groups.


Certifications and trainings:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • ITIL® v4 Strategic Leader

  • Finance, non-profit management, cybersecurity, etc.

Why TRUE: 


In a world where there are so many challenges, Mr. Gardner is passionate about addressing core issues that will help kids today, tomorrow and for decades to come. Childhood trauma can impact a child’s entire future, and the number of children affected are staggering. Each child whom TRUE Center can help, each educator or caretaker TRUE Center can empower, every single life that TRUE Center can help make better could be a pebble with unimaginably positive ripple effects. If Mr. Gardner can help support that in any way, that is “why TRUE”.

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