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Lisa Wagner

Director of Volunteers, TRUE Center 


Lisa grew up in the non-profit world.  


Her mother was a founder and Deputy Director of a special needs adoption agency and her father worked at various non-profits including the Anti-Defamation League and ASPCA.   


Lisa volunteered and then worked at her mom’s adoption agency and continued her volunteer work for various causes throughout college and beyond.

Family:  Married to Josh, two stepdaughters Iris and Sydney

Fur babies:  Sorin, a German Shepherd and Wilbur, a bunny

Hobbies:  Traveling, photography, reading, watching movies

Favorite Foods:  Lobster, Tacos, Curly Fries

Inspiration:  Her parents

Favorite Quote:  Make it a good day!  ~her Uncle Bruce


Through various life experiences, Lisa has seen firsthand the lack of accessible and quality mental health care. TRUE’s mission to increase affordable trauma-focused therapy and prevention is very much needed.

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