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Geoff Cloepfil, MPP

Board Secretary, TRUE Center 


Geoff Cloepfil is an operations and program manager with a decade of experience facilitating business operations and managing projects across nonprofit, industry, and government sectors. In previous roles, he managed a $1.5M annual child welfare research project portfolio, coordinated multi-year collaborations between government agencies and leading national philanthropies, and provided technical and evaluation assistance to child welfare nonprofits around the country.

He holds a Masters in Public Policy from Monmouth University, and is credited on several peer-reviewed publications. Geoff currently serves as the Manager of Member Relations and Development for the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, where he works to strengthen DEI efforts and increase diverse representation at film production companies around the country.



Geoff is passionate about promoting the voice of people with lived experience in the research, policies, and services that effect their everyday lives, especially within the health and human services systems. Having experienced the immediate and longer term effects of trauma in his own life, he is driven to support and empower others to not just respond to trauma, but prevent it from happening in the first place. 

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