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TRUE Center is now hiring a
Mental Health Director.

TRUE Center seeks a part-time Mental Health Director to be responsible for helping achieve the mission of the organization by coordinating the work of clinicians and connecting them to appropriate clients. While it involves the following job duties, the position will work under the supervision of TRUE Center’s Board of Directors or their authorized designate to prioritize tasks and deliverables that both meet the needs of the organization and can be accomplished in the time available.


TRUE Center strongly believes in promoting the health and wellbeing of all employees. This position will work part time on a salary based on roughly one-third of a full time position, not to exceed 15 hours per week, scheduled based on the needs and demands of the role in coordination with the Board. The position is expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethical and legal practices of the profession.

To apply, please send a CV, cover letter, and a DEI statement to


  • Designs and leads orientation and training for mental health clinicians and clinical administrative support staff, including in the proper and secure use of TRUE Center’s electronic medical record system.

  • Develops and updates policy, procedure and standardized protocols for all mental health services provided at TRUE Center, including in-person and telehealth consultation, intake and therapy services, or designates this work to others and approves the final work product. Examples of policies and procedures include:

    • Standardized method of and timelines for note writing, treatment planning, and assessment.

    • Templates for intake, progress, contact and termination/discharge notes, as well as treatment plans.

    • Procedures for delivery of clinical services, including therapy provided in-person and via telehealth.

    • Supervision contracts for trainees.

  • Provides regular supervision and/or consultation (depending on license status of each mental health clinician) to mental health practitioners at the TRUE Center.

    • Leads a regular meeting with all mental health clinicians when appropriate based on the needs of the team.

  • Manages all mental health clinicians to ensure:

    • Clinicians comply with TRUE Center policy and procedure along with the highest ethical and legal standards which govern their profession.

    • Evidence-based treatments are being provided by clinicians.

    • Clinicians are maintaining accurate, complete, and up-to-date client records in electronic medical record system (i.e., ensures consent paperwork is signed and uploaded to EMR).

    • Clinicians’ licenses are in good standing.

    • Quality supervision is provided.


  • Requests necessary funding from management to ensure mental health clinicians and administrative support have the job supplies and equipment needed to complete their job responsibilities.


  • Provides ongoing case consultation and clinical support to any mental health professional in need of support during delivery of clinical services, to include being available for emergency consultation when risk issues arise during business hours.

    • Ensures that another licensed mental health professional is available in their stead during any days/times the Mental Health Director does not work and clinical services are being provided to clients.

  • Directs clinical administrative staff on how to support mental health clinicians in carrying out their job responsibilities.


  • Attends a regularly scheduled meeting with TRUE Center Board Chair or their designate to provide updates on mental health programming.


  • Develops standardized methods of evaluating the job performance of mental health professionals and clinical administrative staff.

  • Conducts a review of each mental health staff member at least once per year.


  • Must be a licensed psychologist or license eligible in the District of Columbia. Additional licensure in adjacent states is preferred.

  • Terminal degree in a relevant field required.

  • Experience with Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is required, as is experience supervising clinicians.

  • Should have experience managing patient care at a senior level, including but not limited to managing emergencies, matching clients to therapists, collaboration with Child Protective Services, etc.

  • Should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to work collaboratively, and a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Must have familiarity with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and telehealth systems.

  • Must have experience working with youth and families in a clinical setting.

  • Should have substantial experience individuals from traditionally marginalized, underserved populations.

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