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Komal Sharma-Patel, PhD

Mental Health Director, TRUE Center (she/her)


Dr. Sharma-Patel is a psychologist in the Mood and Trauma Clinic at Children's National Hospital in DC. She has extensive expertise in researching, assessing and treating trauma responses in children, adolescents and adults, and has been providing clinical and supervisory services to individuals with trauma histories across the lifespan for more than 10 years.


She is a certified therapist and supervisor of Trauma-Focused CBT, as well as a trainer of Alternatives for Families: CBT (an evidence-based trauma treatment designed to address child trauma symptoms/behavioral problems, parent-child conflict and harsh parenting).

Why TRUE: 

I am deeply committed to the mission of TRUE Center-- youth and families from many communities have significant challenges in accessing affordable, culturally sensitive trauma specific evidence-based interventions. TRUE Center aims to provide a range of services to underserved communities.

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