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Introductory meeting with 'My Sister’s Place'

Komal (our Mental Health Director) and I had an introductory meeting with Linda Akunwafor, MA, LGPC who is the Sanctuary Program Manager at My Sister’s Place. (MSP is a domestic violence shelter serving woman and children in DC). We presented TRUE’s therapy and training services – it was great meeting Linda and coming full circle with MSP (I was a volunteer in their Children’s Program 20 years ago!). She thought that TRUE and MSP would be good community partners and invited us to attend an all staff meeting to discuss our services with the full team. Renee attended and talked about both programs. The team mentioned how needed TRUE’s services are and described how hard it is to find therapy for their clients’ families. (One team member mentioned something along the lines of ‘They do free trauma therapy? Who are they?’ This was said in an excited and enthusiastic way, like we’re awesome 😊)


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